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Land Experts is a real estate property realtors based in Delhi. We are focused to bring the best investment opportunities from all corners of Delhi & NCR  to our investors and buyers from India and abroad. Our highly expert team of professionals helps us to provide immaculate property related services to our clientele. We are one of the fastest growing real estate company with areas of investment spanning across Delhi & NCR.

Partner with us to make the most of this current market scenario in India as it is our continuous endeavour to regularly update our clients about their investments so that they can easily multiply their funds in the appropriate time and can plan for the future investment in a safe mode. We are working closely with several groups in Delhi & NCR to meet their demand for investment in land. We specialise in Agricultural Lands, Lal Dora Plots, Farm Houses, Villas and Warehouses.

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You can ask any question related to commercial and non non commercial lands in Delhi here.

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Posted By | Ashish Sharma | 2017-09-21 05:35:02 | View All

What will be the status of Gaon Sabha land ?


  • Answer By Admin

    2017-09-22 03:07:46

    As per provisions of section 150 (3) of Delhi Land Return Act, if land covered under the Land Reform Act comes under the purview of Section 507 of DMC Act 1957, when villages are declared as urban village, all Gaon Sabha Land automatically gets vested with Union of India. Therefore this all such Gaon Sabha Land would ultimately come to DDA as Nazul land from Union of India. This land will be integrated with the development plans which are to be prepared under the Land Pooling Policy based on the already notified Zonal Development Plan. In view of above such Gaon Sabha land will form part of the proposed development scheme.


Charu | charu@thewebtycoons.com| 2016-03-26 07:15:49

very good

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