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Posted By | Yogenender Gupta | 2017-09-26 05:44:48 | Reply (0)

How will the complete activity of Land Pooling be commenced ?


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    2017-09-26 06:05:34

    Any land owners or a group of landowners (who have grouped together for this purpose) or a Developer Entity (DE) shall be eligible to participate in The Land Pooling Scheme as per prescribed norms. The DE after assembly of their land will have to surrender the land to DDA in prescribed time frame. DDA then will start identifying the Master Plan/Zonal Plan/Sector Plan land uses, road network and utility land. There after detailing of Sectors with dimensions and total survey for the Master Plan/Zonal Plan land uses will be commenced. GIS Maps showing details of all the land coming under land pooling based on verified DE’s applications shall be made available on the website. Details of khasra numbers along with their villages which have not come forward for land pooling shall also be made available on website. Provisional Land Transfer certificate will be issued by DDA within maximum period of Six Months of receipt of applications from DE and all the details will be listed on public domain. Simultaneously, DDA shall initiate time bound development of Master Plan Roads, Physical Infrastructure such as water supply, Sewerage and Drainage, Social infrastructure like transportation and traffic including Metro Corridors. DDA along with this will hand over the Final Land parcel to the DE along with map showing its location. Final Land transfer Certificate will be issued to the DE. DE will then apply for the Development License and after obtaining the same can start construction on their Final Land parcel allotted to them by DDA.

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